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Keys Of A Gamespace [EN]

« Intriguing and, at times, profoundly moving, this is an impressive piece of work », THE TELEGRAPH

« Powerful, Emotional, psychological, beautiful », JTM GAMES

« An incredibly engaging, gorgeously presented and confidently delivered game », PC GAMER

« A complex and sometimes genuinely unsettling game », GAMESPY


At the beginning of the game, your princess gives you an ultimatum: you have the night to think and make a decision, will you finally agree to have a child? It has been too long since you hesitate and leave it in uncertainty.

It will be necessary to return to certain troubling moments of your past to finally be able to face your fears and to give your answer… Keys of a gamespace is one of the first games to have explored the question of the autobiography videoludic and was a first experimentation around the concept of expressive game. For example, the following works have been references for our project: Mystic River, EraserHead, Twin Peaks, A Faraway District, Black Hole. To be accessible to the greatest number, this game is distributed free of charge.

The Team

Sébastien Genvo : Game design / Story / Scripting / English translation / Character design and animations / Art director
Marie Garel : Backgrounds and objects graphic design
David Dupuy : Musics
Olivier Guillien : Sound design
Sarah Katz : English translation / Proof reading
Florian Harmand : Interface design – Web integration
Ariel Dorol : Javascript development
Janos Biro : Portuguese Translation


We want our game to be accessible to everyone and it is important that you can finish it if you want to understand the overall message. That is we reveal the different actions you have to accomplish. We advise you to read this part only if you are completely out of ideas on what to do:

– Leave the room
– Talk to Sebastien, 20 years old
– Talk to Sébastien, child
– Take the Star
– Give the star to Sebastien, 20 years old
– Take the heart
– Use the heart on the black hole in 1996
– Take the key
– Use the key on the reinforced door
– Walk in 2003
– Talk to the father and ask him the first question
– Walk in 1993 and push the loose wood plank
– Look at the diamonds
– Use the key on the reinforced door
– Take the scissors next to the little girl and go to the middle door
– Use the scissors on Sébastien Child or Father
– Use the bottle on the clock
– Use the computer