Keys Of A Gamespace

« Intriguing and, at times, profoundly moving, this is an impressive piece of work », THE TELEGRAPH


« Powerful, Emotional, psychological, beautiful », JTM GAMES


« An incredibly engaging, gorgeously presented and confidently delivered game », PC GAMER


« A complex and sometimes genuinely unsettling game », GAMESPY



An expressive game is all about experiencing someone else’s psychological, social, cultural problems and dealing with the moral and/or ethical dilemmas which result from them, and their consequences.


Keys of a Gamespace fits in that approach of video games, which is linked to Sébastien Genvo’s studies on game design and video games expressive potential. Just like cinema, or comic books, video games are not a minor way of expression. It can also, in its way, deal with serious or tough themes. The following works, for example, were references for our project : Mystic River, EraserHead and Twin Peaks, which happen to be some cinematographic references ; while A distant neighborhood, Black Hole, and American Splendor were some comic books references.


Due to the theme the game broaches (you have to play it in order to know what this is about), we hope it could help the victims in psychological distress. We also hope that it might lead those who are about to commit serious acts to reconsider it, by making them experience the consequences of their deeds, through the game.


In order to achieve its aims, and be accessible to the greater number, our game is distributed for free.


Other projects of that kind might be developed and distributed on For now, we focus on the spread of our first game, but resources linked to expressive games (references, links, theories, etc) will be available soon. Keys of a GameSpace is available for free. In that way, we wish to make it accessible to everybody.


If you have any question, suggestion, or comment about the game or expressive games in general, feel free to contact us.

The Team

Sébastien Genvo : Game design / Story / Scripting / English translation / Character design and animations / Art director
Marie Garel : Backgrounds and objects graphic design
David Dupuy : Musics
Olivier Guillien : Sound design
Sarah Katz : English translation / Proof reading
Florian Harmand : Interface design – Web integration
Ariel Dorol : Javascript development
Janos Biro : Portuguese Translation

The solution :
We want our game to be accessible to everyone and it is important that you can finish it if you want to understand the overall message. That is we reveal the different actions you have to accomplish. We advise you to read this part only if you are completely out of ideas on what to do:

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