Understanding Media Culture

Auteur : Jostein Gripsrud

Éditeur : Oxford University Press

Date de sortie : 01/03/2002

Mots-clé : semiotics, hermeneutics, narratology, rhetoric, media

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Jostein Gripsrud, 2002, Understanding Media Culture , New York, Oxford University Press


'Engaging, clear and often witty, this is a much needed comprehensive introduction to media studies.' John Ellis, Professor and Head of Research, Bourne 'In his book, Jostein Gripsud provides an admirable overview of communication studies...It is one of the strengths of this book that he presents some conclusions from his previous works that are not available in English...Gripsrud knows his broad field very well and his takes on the melodramatic imagination are quite inspiring' European Journal of Communication Volume 19 (2) 'A book like this can be dry, impenetrable. That's not the case with 'Understanding Media Culture'. This is an excellent introductory text to media studies for undergraduates as well as an overview for new graduate students and, perhaps, even a primer for scholars who haven't kept up with what's going on.' Publizistik